Having worked with hundreds of small companies, we know that business development and marketing planning cause more frustration and uncertainty for business owners than anything else.

It’s understandable. Very few business owners have ever had any training in these areas, so they have to depend on instinct or trial and error.

In our experience, anyone in business who understands and takes control of these two management activities is almost certain to dramatically improve their prosperity and working lifestyle while reducing frustration.

The fact is, if you own and run a business, you are already successful. However, we know that if you understand and properly apply business planning and marketing, you can dramatically add to your business performance.


All our customers are hardworking, sensible, capable people.

But what improved their success more than anything else, was planning and marketing.

so whats the answer?
  • You can’t take time out to study.

  • You could employ specialists

  • Continue to do what you’re doing now.

But.. What if there was a proven process that gives you all the business development and marketing answers, requires no study time, is easy to follow, that you can use immediately and is highly regarded by those that have used it before you.

” I’ve applied The Method to two entirely different types of businesses, with the same spectacular results. “

MD, Workwear Company
Website Design Company Scottish Borders

You already have most of the answers. Think about it. You are skilled, experienced, hard working, capable. You know your business better than anyone else. You know your ambitions better than anyone else. And, you know the issues and challenges better than anyone else.

What you don’t know is – how to download all that information and turn it into practical, achievable, affordable business improvement projects and plans.

That’s Until Now!

How to become a relaxed, effective manager and improve business performance.

With no systematic approach very often what happens is you jump from one idea to another, confusing yourself and others around you! This habit is one of the key sources of stress in business.

Over the past 20 years, we have introduced business owners and managers to a step-by-step management method…

We showed them how to introduce business planning and marketing to their business. Results achieved have been nothing short of spectacular, way beyond their expectations.


When you started in business, it is unlikely that anyone told you anything about either of these all-important management skills. See George’s business planning story.

In our experience, having worked with hundreds of small enterprises, less than 20% of owners and managers have any structured approach to either of these essential management techniques or understand the potential that they offer you and your business.

Most of us shy away from things we don’t know about. Take computers for instance. Few of us know what to do when things go wrong. We just lift the phone to someone who we hope can help. This is often the case with business planning and marketing. But, who do you call and what questions do you ask?

The fact is, if you own or manage a business, you and you alone are responsible for planning and marketing. Only you can make decisions about short and long term planning or how to promote for regular flow of good quality customers. It comes with the territory. Common sense tells us that, if you had a proven, easy-to-follow method that you can master and apply yourself not only will improve the performance of your business, your stress levels automatically drop a gear..

Of course, you already do planning and marketing. But, without a reliable process you will always underachieve and continue to be mildly – excessively stressed or disgruntled. So, you are invited to download our project management template, watch the short explanatory video and try it for yourself.

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