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The most comprehensive printing services in the Scottish Borders
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We offer all types of printing services available in the commercial print market. Whether you want litho, digital or screen printing; textured, gloss, satin or matt papers; lamination, Spot UV, embossed or foil blocked finishes; insert pockets, die/forme cutting or gatefolds; stitched, wiro or perfect binding – you will find it at Martinshouse.

Supply your own artwork and use our Print Only service or take advantage of our creative Print & Design option. Whether this is your first printing project or you are a long time publisher, you will find all the experience, support and print techniques at the right price, the right quality and the right delivery.

For over 30 years we have supplied printing services of all kinds to graphic designers, business owners, local groups and event organisers. Print options are endless. Email us your artwork or ideas and we will provide prices or guidance or refer to our artwork & print guidelines, whichever is appropriate.


The most, comprehensive, competitive print supplier for your business, charity, event or community project.

Never be without a business card

Business cards are still one of the most frequently used marketing tools on the planet. For such a lowly investment, their potential should never be underestimated. All professionals understand their value and are never without them. Don’t overlook the necessity of this essential basic whatever business you are in.

Martinshouse have supplied thousands of business cards, from the absolute basic to the ultra-smart. Prices start from as little as £17 for 250 off.

Call us and we’ll talk about your ideas. Then send us your logo or photograph and accurate contact information. We’ll prepare artwork for your approval so you get an impressive business card to be proud of.

Business Cards

Printed Brochure Service

Design & Print – our graphic designers will help you develop your brochure content, identify photography, develop design layout for your approval, finalise artwork and organise best possible print price.

Artwork & Print – you supply text, logo, photography and page layout then we prepare finished artwork for your approval and handle print production of your brochure.

Print Only – you supply finished artwork, we print your brochure, at the best possible price, and organise all the checks and delivery – to your specification. If you are supplying your own design and finished artwork please contact us for your relevant specification instructions.

Remember, a brochure is only as good as it’s reader appeal, photography, design and distribution. That’s why Martinshouse is one of the best possible brochure partners. We have turned all our experience into a well tested process that is proven to deliver enviable results time after time.

Brochure Printing

Printed Carrier Bags

Add a touch of class to your brand.

The most impressive way to promote your brand on the High Street, at your event or exhibition.

Martinshouse printing services supply everything from good quality basics to super impressive quality carrier bags in both paper and plastic.

Customers in shops and attendees at events or exhibitions almost expect a carrier bag. They are buying, collecting information or giving their support. They expect it! Your carrier bag must be the one they want to carry around – promoting you everywhere they go!

Martinshouse supply an extensive range of paper, cotton and poly carrier bags in a full range of qualities and sizes. The options are endless.

Luxury Carrier Bags

Presentation Folders

You cannot overstate the powerful effect of a good quality printed presentation folder.

In these days of emails and internet, less and less companies present to the standard expected by customers. Imagine the impact when you respond to an enquiry with a folder, covering letter, prices and a company brochure.

Imagine that prospective customer walking into a meeting armed with your impressive presentation and all the information they need to present you to their colleagues and partners. You immediately have the edge over emailed information printed out on lowest quality copy paper with page breaks all in the wrong places.

You may immediately think that email is of course so much cheaper – but remember, you only get one opportunity to make the right impression – and a much better chance of winning a customer for life.

It goes without saying that your presentation and brand promotion get a much better chance to shine – where it really counts – with the customer and his or her team.

With improvements in manufacturing efficiency and quality, any business can afford a good quality folder. Not a big investment to impress your customers.

Presentation Folders

Printed Newsletters, Fulfilment & Mailing Services

Those clients who issue printed newsletters are finding a marked rise in sales enquiries. Not all customers are online fans so they appreciate regular printed updates from key suppliers.

If you would like to try a newsletter but don’t know where to start Martinshouse has all the skills to help you on your way. You can either ask for a print specification and do the artwork yourself or we can lead you through the process including profiling customers and writing the news that will be of interest, we can help with photographs and artwork.

Our printing services department will produce a proof so that you can check every detail before your newsletter goes to print.

Martinshouse: printed newsletter suppliers, short and long runs, available with fulfilment and mailing services for easy distribution.

Printed Newsletters

Packaging Supplier

You only need to walk into a supermarket to understand the power of printed packaging. Customers are impressed by packaging and not so impressed if you don’t make the effort.

Print packaging not only impresses, it beefs up your brand and gives you the opportunity to tell customers all about your products.

Martinshouse has been designing and supplying printed packaging for over thirty years and has all the skills to help you get the results you are looking for with the least concern. As standard, we produce a mock up for your printed packaging so that can check every detail before your packaging goes into production.

Printed box packaging is normally custom designed and therefore prices are only available after the box construction has been decided or specified. Vast range available so call our printing services department to chat about your requirements.

Printed Packaging

Printed Swing Tickets & Labels

Simple, stylish, branded and with all the info your customer needs – never under estimate the immense value of a swing ticket. Whether it is a simple hole punched card, folded and strung or booklet to telling customers more about you and your products, Martinshouse is the ideal supplier and development partner for your printed swing tickets.

Martinshouse has been designing and supplying printed packaging for over thirty years and has all the skills to help you get the results you are looking for with the least concern. Either ask for a print specification and do the artwork yourself or we can produce the design or artwork for you. As standard, our printing services department produce a mock up for your swing ticket or label so that can check every detail before your printed product goes into production.

Martinshouse: printed swing ticket suppliers, short and long runs, basics to high premium options.

Swing Tickets & Labels

Printed Showcards & Strutted Display Cards

Martinshouse Printing Services: printed full colour showcards and counter card suppliers, short and long runs, for products, event and service promotion

The great thing about strutted showcards (some people call them counter cards) is that they sit up and look at you. That means you look back and take notice.

Martinshouse will produce any number of showcards for you – from one-off upwards, but like most things in the print industry, the more copies you print, the lower the unit cost.

Send us you ideas and as many words and photographs you have. Once we understand what you want we will give you for print or design, artwork and print – whichever suits you. As standard, we produce a design mock up for your printed showcard so that can check every detail before your print goes into production.

Showcards & Strutted Display Cards