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Printed packaging is a specialist production process often using heavyweight stock lined with printed paper. The unusual shapes needed to make up printed box packaging are produced with cutting formes or dies. In addition to the normal print artwork it is necessary to produce cutter guides for the formes or dies. This is a specialist job and if you have no previous experience, it is better to leave it to others who are.

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Also available include artwork, graphic design, cutter guide artwork, brand/logo design and Photoshop.
You may also be interested in swing ticket design and print, booklet or leaflet printing and printed tissue packaging paper.

Printed Packaging Materials

eco friendly, matt, gloss,
lined boards or textured papers

Print Techniques

full or spot colour printing, lamination,
machine varnish, embossing, forme/die cutting, spot UV


The most, comprehensive, competitive printed packaging supplier for your business, charity, event or community project.

Why use printed packaging?

You only need to walk into a supermarket to understand the power of printed packaging. Customers are impressed by packaging and not so impressed if you don’t make the effort.

Print packaging not only impresses, it beefs up your brand and gives you the opportunity to tell customers all about your products.

Martinshouse has been designing and supplying printed packaging for over thirty years and has all the skills to help you get the results you are looking for with the least concern. As standard, we produce a mock up for your printed packaging so that can check every detail before your packaging goes into production.

Printed box packaging is normally custom designed and therefore prices are only available after the box construction has been decided or specified. Vast range available so call us to chat about your requirements.

Box Packaging – Knitwear

‘We were asked to design a range of premium quality knitwear for the golf market. The garments were to be lined for wind proofing and ideally reversible to make them shower proof. When launched, only one garment went into production and was more expensive than any other garment offered by the company, with the exception of cashmere.

The new HIGHLANDER was a very good product but what really made the difference was – the printed packaging. Not only did the Highlander sell at the highest price for a merino garment, they sold 3000 units of the one style over 3 colours.’


Printed Sleeve Packaging – Food

‘Confidence in our product range has soared since
we decided to go the printed packaging route.

‘I was selling ready meals in standard foil cases with cardboard lids. Response was reasonable but didn’t convey the message of home cooked meals made from quality local produce. For me it was a bit of a leap but I finally decided to try printed packaging. We photographed meals, revamped our logo and wrote some text and included all the prep and food safety info. We’re using the same foil trays inside.

Sales steadily started to increase to the extent that we’ve added new recipes and I package every one. It’s turning out to be a whole new additional revenue stream – and it all comes down to a printed packaging with the right design at relevant quality and pricing.

Robert Pringle Family Butcher

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Printing is a highly complex and technical business. Martinshouse understands print so you don’t need to worry about the jargon or specifications used by printers.

Whether you are in business or marketing, fundraising for a charity, work in a large organisation or run events, you will find the most trustworthy, comprehensive support at Martinshouse.

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Why use print in this age of low-cost Facebook, Websites & Social Media

“76% of small businesses state that the ideal marketing mix is a combination of printed and digital communications.”
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“Studies show that printed materials for promotion and advertising is more effective and have a higher ROI than most forms of digital communications.”
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Other Printed Products : books, brochures, booklets, business cards, calendars, carrier bags, strutted display cards, folders, invitations, labels, leaflets, magazines, newsletters note pads, order books, posters and swing tickets.

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