The swing ticket is really very important to the customer!

Martinshouse: printed swing ticket suppliers, short and long runs, basics to high premium options.

Print: Full colour litho or digital for small quantities
Sizes: Customised to your specification
Construction: plain, booklet or envelope, hole punched or strung
Material: Eco/plain boards, embossing, foil blocking or die cut

All printed swing tickets from Martinshouse are custom designed so call us for a chat to discuss your requirements.

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The most, comprehensive, competitive swing ticket supplier for your business, charity, event or community project.

Swing Tickets & Labels

Simple, stylish, branded and with all the info your customer needs – never under estimate the immense value of a swing ticket. Whether it is a simple hole punched card, folded and strung or booklet to telling customers more about you and your products, Martinshouse is the ideal supplier and development partner for your printed swing tickets.

Martinshouse has been designing and supplying printed packaging for over thirty years and has all the skills to help you get the results you are looking for with the least concern. Either ask for a print specification and do the artwork yourself or we can produce the design or artwork for you. As standard, we produce a mock up for your swing ticket or label so that can check every detail before your printed product goes into production.

Please contact us for further information.

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Here you will find visual reference for printing techniques and information on how to get the printed materials you want in the easiest possible manner.

Printing is a highly complex and technical business. Martinshouse understands print so you don’t need to worry about the jargon or specifications used by printers.

Whether you are in business or marketing, fundraising for a charity, work in a large organisation or run events, you will find the most trustworthy, comprehensive support at Martinshouse.

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Why use print in this age of low-cost Facebook, Websites & Social Media

“In today’s competitive world, point of sale including printed swing tickets is immensely important. The design, feel, branding and message contained in a swing ticket constitutes the main point of contact with the customer when shopping in-store or opening a package.”
“Based on years of experience, our advice is to aim for the right
customer response before you ever think about the unit cost –
that persuades the shopper to buy the product.”

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