Thinking about how to improve your business, but getting nowhere?

stop it now!

If you run a business, you think about how to improve your business every day. It could be premises, employees, sales, profit.. and if you’re like most of us, you end up going round in circles, getting nowhere and setting it all aside for another day.

‘We used to talk for hours about how to promote the business only to walk away again, having achieved absolutely nothing!’

stop it now!

You need a proven way forward to change from this haphazard approach to a structured, effective plan of action for you and your business.

This new approach is called The Marketing Method.

You inevitably come up with ideas all the time, but they get lost and forgotten in the daily hubbub of running a business. And, then you have to start all over again. It’s a desperate waste of time, a major source frustration and a huge loss of potential.

When you write down your thoughts and ideas, you have started your draft business plan. Something to refer to and build on. But, you need more! You need a proven system, a process or method to guide you every step of the way so that you can move forward and rid yourself of all the frustration and timewasting that goes with a haphazard approach.

The Marketing Method is that proven system (method or process) for business planning and marketing so you get maximum results – on your terms. It’s where you download all your thoughts and ideas and focus on ways to improve your business and working lifestyle. The fact is, it gives you a plan of action to get what you want from your business.

‘It’s not just about marketing, it’s about any problem you have in the business.’

The Marketing Method has 3 key sections –

  • business planning – you step back and decide what you want

  • issues management – you address issues that block your progress

  • marketing and promotion – a full step by step guide to show you how to market and grow your profit through better quality customers

Why do you need Business Planning?

If you are in charge of a business, it’s not possible for anyone else but you to decide what you want and how to get there. A written personal plan of action is the only efficient way to get what you want. And, a structured approach is the easiest way to develop that plan!

Suitable For

accountants • architects • business development consultants • computer supplies and service • community projects • country sports • engineering or product manufacturing • event management • financial services • food retail • forestry machinery suppliers • furniture designers • furniture retailers • graphic design • hotels & restaurants • housing associations • IT consultants • knitwear manufacturers • software developers • solicitors & legal services • toolmakers  web developers

plus so many more…



access to funding, advertising, brainstorming, business development planning, control of meetings, customer communication, marketing management, new business launch, presentation, problem solving, product development, project planning, promotion, recruitment, selling your business, succession planning, teamworking, working lifestyle, working with designers


METHOD TIME is essential

This is a gift that ONLY you can give to yourself. Time set aside in total peace and quiet, away from phones, so that you can devote clear creative time to your future success. Don’t even think about being too busy or not having time to spare – there is no one more important than you and your success.


COACHING is available

The Marketing Method is built so that you can work on your own or with your inner team. However, if you prefer to work with someone from outside the business, but on your side, use one of our coaches and make the whole process so much easier. It’s totally confidential and progress is much quicker.

And, remember, our experienced Coaches are always here to support you and answer any questions by email or a private coaching session!


‘It was great to get an outside viewpoint. You can get tunnel-visioned working alone. The process gave us structure all the way through.

The new logo gives a much better profile reflecting the quality of our products and service. It took some time but profit went from £30K to £250K in two years. Way above what I ever thought possible.’

Owner, Agri Machinery Sales & Service

 ‘George, just a quick call. I’m sure you feel I haven’t used your process as you maybe intended, but just to let you know that as a consequence of our meeting and you making me take a hard look at myself, we got out of the business on Wednesday.

We sold out to a national chain for about as good a price as we could ever get and we’re doing a total lifestyle change.

So, your process has been used, maybe not in the way you intended, but it certainly made me sit down and take a long hard look at where I want to go. Thank you for your time in doing that. Many thanks.’ 

Owner, Private Hotel

‘I used to ‘boil’ on for hours confusing people, talking totally over their heads. The programme made me realise how quickly and effectively I could get my message across. I even brief the sales staff.’


Manager, Web Developer

‘If get nothing else from this marketing programme, ’Tell the customer what they need to know.’ – will be the slogan in our business from now on. Because it works.” 

Owner, IT Consultancy

‘It’s a superb discipline. I doubt that we would have ever sat down formally

to talk about the business. Working with someone, on your side but from

outside the business, is invaluable.’

Owner, Kitchen Design

‘I came across The Marketing Method (TTBTYA) programme material not even realising that George was just up the road. I started to investigate and was very impressed with the documentation. We had a short meeting with George that confirmed my first impressions and within days we got to work.

We repackaged the products and services for the different target markets and worked out distinct messages for each target customer. Then we were ready to go forward confidently with a new logo, corporate messaging, product brochures and website. So, we’ve been thrilled and are very happy to tell other people about the work we’ve done with Martinshouse.”

Managing Director, , Engineering Company

‘Every business owner should be using The Marketing Method (TTBTYA). I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from using this process.’


UK Sales Manager, Forestry Machinery

I decided to register for the programme because I felt it better to find out how to promote properly rather than spend more money on advertising I wasn’t sure of.’


Manager, Theatre Company

‘The Method is great. Everybody works the same system so we all know what stage each of us is doing at any one time. The customer research and testing part is essential.’


Manager, Sales Communications,, Multi National Investment PLC

“It’s had a massive impact on my business and personal life. It’s easy to follow

but it makes you think.” 

Owner/Director, Building Contractor

“We’ve applied it to two entirely different businesses with the same spectacular results” 

Owner , Country Sports Company

‘It’s counselling as much as it’s marketing. It’s lonely running a business when you’re on a different wavelength to others around you. Now I see the light rather than the hamster wheel. It’s opened up what can happen on a bigger scale – no limits!’

Owner, Family Butcher

‘It’s not just about marketing, it’s about any aspect of the business that is causing problems. It gave me a business plan that I costed myself and followed for the first time ever in business. I just feel I’m in control.’


Owner, Computer Services

‘We’ve just had our best year ever. We’ve doubled our turnover. We genuinely believe this is the best business move we’ve ever made and cannot thank you enough. At long last we feel in control of our own destiny.’

Owner, Holiday Cottages

‘Now, we focus our time and money on target customers. Anything else is a waste of time.’ 

Senior Partner, Architects

‘I hadn’t realised how unhappy I was. Your process certainly made me sit down and take a long hard look at where I want to go. Many thanks for your time in doing that. ’ Hotelier

‘Stage One of The Method (TTBTYA) was critical for us. It was intensive and took some time, but it allowed us to resolve essential issues which set in place our whole business progression.”


Partner, Furniture Maker

“We didn’t know what to expect but we came out buzzing, floating with ideas.” 

Owners, Furniture Retailers

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